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Privacy Policy

Explore Nut Travels is a travel company primarily dealing with flight tickets. We work with 3rd  party travel suppliers and travel consolidators to ensure a safe, secure and hassle-free journey.This Privacy Notice and Policy describes in detail how we gather, protect and handle our client and customer information.

How We Collect Information

The information we gather comes from sources like -

    •  The cookies we use on our website enable us to collect your information, like your IP address, when you visit and use our website.

    • Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google, through which you might have interacted with our website.

    • Our business partners with whom you might have interacted.

    • Unaffiliated parties like advertising networks, analytics companies and other third parties that have information databases from which we can extract your information to serve you better.

    • When you fill out forms, surveys and questionnaires on our website or third-party websites where we have advertised for research purposes.

    • Records of transaction details and personal information like your name, email address and other identity proofs you provide us when booking flight tickets or contact us for queries.

    • Your search history on our website.

What Information We Collect

 We require information to book and confirm tickets, tour packages and more. Here is the information we collect from you -

    • Identification details, including your name, age, postal and residential addresses, email address, and financial information like your credit or debit card numbers and bank details, telephone numbers and contact details.

    • Information entailing your IP address, device details, internet connection, browser type,language settings, and time and date of accessing our website.

    • Societal statuses such as marital status, sex and gender, medical condition 

    • Information to assist you throughout your trip, like your passport number, trip details,and ticket details.

Using Your Information

The information we have in our database is put to use in the following manners -

    • To fulfill the purpose of the provision - we are a travel company, so we use the information you provide to help your book your flight tickets, hotel reservations, etc.

    • To contact you for updated information regarding your trip and journey.

    • To ensure smooth transactions and obligations of rights when booking contracts between our company and you, or the airlines.

    • To promote our services to you by sending marketing and advertising emails that might interest you.

    • To provide information like booking confirmations and updates to you.

    • To deal with court orders and other legal processes.

Disclosing Your Information

We must disclose your personal information when booking tour packages and flight tickets. This list shows the places we lend your information to -

    • To service providers, contractors and other third parties who work with us. We share only the information needed for your travel arrangements. These include airlines, visa and passport companies, hotel authorities and car rentals.

    • To our marketing agencies and IT cells, who help us promote our services and run our marketing campaigns.

We do not disclose your personal information until it is absolutely necessary. Our privacy policy ensures that your information is disclosed only for the betterment, protection of rights, and safety of you and our company.

Accessing Your Information

When you sign up with our website, your information is stored in our records. We have provisions for correction. You can visit our website, log in to your account, and change or update your account details. Up-to-date information will aid us in providing the best tours and travel packages. If you want to delete your account, your information will be erased from our user interface, but we will still have your details stored in our database.